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Alter the Ending

The Shade of Posion Trees

Dusk and Summer
(Deluxe Edition)

Dusk and Summer

A Mark, A Mission,
A Brand, A Scar

Spider-Man 2: Music From and Inspired By

Swiss Army Romance

Dashboard Confessional
MTV2 Unplugged

Summer Kiss

So Impossible

Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

The Drowning

swiss army romance

Original Release: 11/17/2000
Label: Drive-Thru/Fiddler Records
*only approximately 1000 copies released through Fiddler Records
Reissued: 4/22/2003
Label: Vagrant Records

  1. Screaming Infidelities 3:33
  2. The Sharp Hint of New Tears 3:02
  3. Living In Your Letters 3:40
  4. The Swiss Army Romance 3:06
  5. Turpentine Chaser 3:20
  6. A Plain Morning 3:40
  7. Age Six Racer 2:21
  8. Again I Go Unnoticed 2:24
  9. Ender Will Save Us All 5:14
  10. Shirts And Gloves 2:53
  11. Hold On** 2:08
  12. This is A Forgery** 5:37
  13. Untitled Hidden Track 4:02

** added at Vagrant the re-issue in 2003