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Rotating Band and Collaborators

The Rotating Band Members and Collaborators

Chris has always inteneded Dashboard to be a band for all his talented friends to play in. Until 2003 the band was considered a rotating band allowing fellow musicians and friends to help when they had a chance. This tradition continues with guest band members still poping up today. The following is a list of almost all of the people who have played with Dashboard through the years and a little about them.

Dan Bonebrake (Bass/Etc.)

Dan was for the most part the first touring bandmate of Chris'. Even on the earliest tours Chris brought Dan along to play bass and other intruments to back him. Dan plays on The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most, Summers Kiss EP, & MTV2 Unplugged. He was asked to become a full time member in 2003, but graciously declined. He has played in many other bands such as Seville, The Enablers & Vacant Andys. He is currently playing with John Ralston.

Jolie Lindholm (Backing Vocals)

She is responsible for all those female backing vocals people are always asking about. She sang on The Swiss Army Romance, Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, and the Weezer cover "Jamie". She has also perfomed some shows with the band. She is most known for her former band, The Rocking Horse Winner. She currently fronts a band called Popvert.

John Ralston (Guitar/Backing Vocals)

A long time friend of Chris' they have often work together. John Ralston actually played and sang a little on The Swiss Army Romance. He has opened for Dashboard many times with his solo project and his band, Legends of the Rodeo. He has recently also signed to Vagrant Records. He has recently appeared at shows playing a 2nd or 3rd guitar and singing backup.

Susan Sherouse (Violin/Backing Vocals)

Susan started giving Dashboard songs a whole new life in 2005 when she began playing her violin on tour. She is a member of John Ralston's band, but certainly fits in nice with Dashboard. She appear a few times on Dusk and Summer and can currently be seen on tour with Dashboard.

James Paul Wisner (Keys)

Another long time friend of Chris. He produced the first two Dashboard albums and the So Impossible EP (as well as work by Further Seems Forever and Vacant Andys). He also plays some keys on the albums.

Mike Stroud (Guitar/Keys/Backing Vocals)

Mike Stoud toured with Dashboard for quite a while in the early days. He plays on the Summers Kiss EP and actually co-wrote "Morning Calls" with Chris. He was also involved in other bands such as Ben Kweller. When he left the band in 2002 he tapped his cousin (none other than Johnny Lefler) to take his place.

Dan Horner (Guitar)

Best known for his work with Sunny Day Real Estate (one of Chris' favorites), Dan played that famous second guitar.