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Alter the Ending

The Shade of Posion Trees

Dusk and Summer
(Deluxe Edition)

Dusk and Summer

A Mark, A Mission,
A Brand, A Scar

Spider-Man 2: Music From and Inspired By

Swiss Army Romance

Dashboard Confessional
MTV2 Unplugged

Summer Kiss

So Impossible

Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

The Drowning

Alter the ending

Release: 11/10/2009
Label: DGC/Interscope

  1. Get Me Right
  2. Until Morning
  3. Everybody Learns from Disaster
  4. Belle of the Boulevard
  5. I Know About You
  6. Alter the Ending
  7. Blame It On the Changes
  8. Even Now
  9. The Motions
  10. No News Is Bad News
  11. Water and the Bridges
  12. Hell On the Throat
  13. Truth of the Matter
  14. The Cut Run Routine