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John Lefler

Mike Marsh

Scott Shoenbeck

Rotating Band and Collaborators

John Lefler

Guitar/ Vocals/ Keys

Involvement & History

John's first gig with the band was actually for the MTV Unplugged recording. His cousin, Mike Stroud (more below) had been playing guitar and keys with Dashboard for a while, but was leaving to play with another band in mid 2002. He asked John if he wanted the gig. John had never really heard Dashboard. He flew out to meet them and was given the albums to study. He was a quick study and recorded the Unplugged set about a week later. He has since become an official member of the band and helped create the music we all love so much. He plays and sings on Unplugged and all of the full band recordings that followed.

Former Bands or Pursuits:

John is the founder of Good Hang Records which was set up to release his side projects. Good Hang also for a limited time made t-shirts and buttons. John or Dashboard crew can often be seen wearing Good Hang merch.

The Wizerds - (Everything) A band of a different sort with delightful songs usually about poop, sex, drugs, boobies, and peni. Most songs were made up on the spot when recorded on computers. The Wizerds played only one show; opening for a solo Dash date on May 23, 2003 in LA. Most albums were only made into a few copies for close friends and family. However, The Wizerds album '99-'03 was printed on Good Hang records. Copies are hard to come by, but if you really want one ask John about it at a Dash show.

The Wimbledons - (Vocals/Guitar) This group was for the most part John and his two brothers (Kevin & Bill) along with some friends. This was a much more serious and "real" musical effort. It has it's roots in folk and country. They put out one EP (which is really great) that is available on iTunes.

What does he play?

John says, "I play a yellow Telecaster and a brown one. I also have two Larivee acoustics that I love. They are Canadian. Sometimes I like to play the ukelele, too."