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Chris Carrabba

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Chris Carrabba first recorded solo material in 1998 when he was overflowing with emotion and felt he had no musical outlet for it. He booked some studio time and recorded three songs that would eventually be released in 2001 as "The Drowning EP". However, at the the time this recording was only given to those close to Chris and the songs were originally just credited to Chris Carrabba, not Dashboard. A copy of the tape ended up in the hands of a bassist named Chad Neptune who was looking a singer for a new band. Chris then joined what would become Further Seems Forever. Although he found a place to express himself in FSF, Chris experienced multiple personal tragedies in 1999. He wrote songs dealing with these times, but felt they were to personal for FSF. So he booked studio time again in January 2000. Chris' good friend Amy Fleisher convinced him to allow her to releases the album on her small label, Fiddler Records. The material became The Swiss Army Romance album which had 1000 copies released under Fiddler and was eventually sold to Drive-Thru Records for larger distribution. Chris sold the album at FSF shows and began doing small solo touring to support the album. In August 2000 he left FSF on pretty good terms to pursue Dashboard full time. In January 2001 he signed to Vagrant Records and was in the studio soon after to record his 2nd album, The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most was released just 2 months later in March. Around this time "The Drowning EP" was also released on Fiddler Records under the name Dashboard Confessional.