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Alter the Ending

The Shade of Posion Trees

Dusk and Summer
(Deluxe Edition)

Dusk and Summer

A Mark, A Mission,
A Brand, A Scar

Spider-Man 2: Music From and Inspired By

Swiss Army Romance

Dashboard Confessional
MTV2 Unplugged

Summer Kiss

So Impossible

Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

The Drowning

Dusk and summer

Release: 6/27/2006
Label: Vagrant Records

  1. Don't Wait 4:05
  2. Reason to Believe 3:42
  3. Secret's in the Telling 3:24
  4. Stolen 3:53
  5. Rooftops and Invitations 3:53
  6. So Long, So Long 4:15
  7. Currents 4:24
  8. Slow Decay 4:08
  9. Dusk and Summer 4:35
  10. Heaven Here 4:07