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Alter the Ending

The Shade of Posion Trees

Dusk and Summer
(Deluxe Edition)

Dusk and Summer

A Mark, A Mission,
A Brand, A Scar

Spider-Man 2: Music From and Inspired By

Swiss Army Romance

Dashboard Confessional
MTV2 Unplugged

Summer Kiss

So Impossible

Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

The Drowning

Dusk and summer (deluxe edition)

Release: 5/22/2007
Label: Vagrant Records

  1. Don't Wait
  2. Reason to Believe
  3. Secret's in the Telling
  4. Vindicated
  5. Stolen
  6. Rooftops and Invitations
  7. So Long, So Long
  8. Currents
  9. Slow Decay
  10. Dusk and Summer
  11. Heaven Here
  12. Ghost of a Good Thing (Live from the Henry Rollins Show)
  13. Best Deceptions (Live from the Henry Rollins Show)